What a load of rubbish

Food Scraps

Increasing amount of food wasted worldwide

According to a recent article by The Guardian, 2 billion tonnes of food never actually makes it onto a plate. Part of the reason for this high quantity of food waste is the strict sell-by dates, buy-one-get-one-free offers and consumer demand for “perfect” food.

With an Urban Composter, food “waste” would simply be broken down into compost instead of thrown into landfill, reducing the problem.

Dr Tim FoxTim Fox, head of energy and environment at the IMechE, commented: “The amount of food wasted and lost around the world is staggering. This is food that could be used to feed the world’s growing population – as well as those in hunger today. It is also an unnecessary waste of the land, water and energy resources that were used in the production, processing and distribution of this food.”

There has never been a better time to avoid landfill and start home composting with the Urban Composter™.

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