Urban Composter™ Replacement Lid


Change the color of your Urban Composter with a replacement lid, available in four colours. Please select the type of lid you require when purchasing your replacement lid. (see below for the two different lid types.)


Our Urban Composter™ Replacement Lids are sturdy and they tightly fit the Urban Composter™ Bucket.  Whether you just need to replace your existing lid or fancy a change of colour; our lids are available in Berry, Chilli, Lime and Black to suit your style. All of our Replacement Lids come complete with a new pin to attach to the bucket along with instructions.

Type 1: Replacement Lids are for the orignal Urban Composter bucket where the lid is secured with a pin. These lids come with a new pin and instructions for removal of the existing the lid and adding the new lid.

Type 2: Replacement Lids are made for the more recent Urban Composter Bucket and come with a snap top lid, requiring no pin.

Type 3: Replacement Lids are for the new Urban Composter City bucket.

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs

Berry, Chilli, Lime, Black

Lid Type

Type 1 (with pin), Type 2 (snap top lid), Type 3 (Urban Composter City)