Recycle your food waste

Urban Composter

For years people have been searching for a simple and convenient indoor compost bin. The Urban Composter™ is a revolutionary composting product holds your waste en-route to the compost heap and starts the composting process right in your kitchen… keeping everything smelling sweet.

The Urban Composter replaces the unsightly plastic bin full of kitchen scraps, and gives you an alternative to grinding and flushing your organic scraps down the drain.  The Urban Composter™ is a stylish, clean and effective counter-top composting system that turns your unwanted peels, off-cuts and leftovers into nutrient-rich fertiliser for your garden.

The Urban Composter™ is clean, and eco-friendly with a large 15 litre capacity.

The end result is rich and nutritious soil conditioner – straight from The Urban Composter™ – just the way mother nature intended it!

Urban Composter


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