Stylish bench-top home composting

Urban Composter

Turn your food scraps into nutrient rich liquid plant food and organic compost for your balcony or garden.

Urban Composter

Because so many of us live in apartments or houses with small gardens, we wanted to find a method that was easy to use indoors. So, we designed the Urban Composter™ using the same principles, but replacing the granular mix with a uniquely formulated composting spray that uses microorganisms to break down food waste.

To use this simple product, just lift the lid and add your scraps (even meat and fish) to the Urban Composter™ Bucket. Spray the scraps with Compost Accelerator and the fermenting process begins. In just a few days you can drain your home-made 100% organic fertilizer from the tap. Dilute the liquid, add to your plants and watch your garden grow.

When the bucket is full, simply drain any remaining liquid and dig the food residue into some soil and leave it to settle for 5-7 weeks. The compost will then be ready to spread on the garden, top dress your lawn or add to your plant pots for great results.

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