Urban Composter City with Lime lidThe Urban Composter City is a compact bokashi solution for smaller homes and apartments. It's a mighty bokashi bucket in compact form, holding a very respectable 1.6 gallons of kitchen scraps.

Made for use with Urban Composter’s specially formulated Compost Accelerator spray, the Urban Composter City is convenient and easy to use. The Urban Composter City comes in your choice of four lid colours: Lime (Green), Chili (Red), Berry (Purple) and Black.

stylish, affordable composting

No Odors.
No Bugs.
No Fuss.

Urban Composter™ is the quick and easy way to create compost from your kitchen waste. For years people have been searching for a simple and convenient kitchen compost bin.

Stylish, clean and effective – The Urban Composter™ is a kitchen bench-top composting system that turns your unwanted peels, off-cuts and leftovers into nutrient-rich fertilizer for your garden.

The Urban Composter™ is a revolutionary compost container that doesn’t just hold your kitchen scraps en-route to the compost heap, but actually starts the composting process right in your kitchen without any bad smells.


The original Urban Composter with Lime lid and Compost Accelerator sprayThe Urban Composter Bucket is a stylish kitchen compost bin that looks great on the counter top in any kitchen, holding 6 gallons of organic kitchen scraps.

Made for use with Urban Composter’s bokashi Compost Accelerator spray, the Urban Composter Bucket is completely air tight. Moulded in light grey with a spigot and comes with your choice of 4 different lid colors.

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